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July 2019 School Holiday Workshop

(Perth Ice Skating Club in Collaboration with Young Engineers)

e2  Young Engineers is back with holiday workshops this July @ Joondalup library.

These workshops are going to be held to raise funds for Perth Ice Skating Club.

Newly founded in 2018, Perth Ice Skating Club caters for Figure and Synchronised skaters. All the fundraising events and funds raised are to assist the club in being able to support the skaters whether they are a Figure or Synchronised skater.

Follow them @ https://www.facebook.com/perthiceallstars/

If you are referred by a club member 70% of the ticket price and 100% of volunteering funds will go to Perth Ice Skating Club. If not referred by the members, we will still donate 50% of the ticket price and 100% of the volunteering funds to Perth Ice Skating Club.

This year the championship is going to be hosted in Melbourne (AFSC 2019 ~ 30th November to 6th December 2019). More info here: https://www.isa.org.au/afsc-1

e2  Young Engineers, has planned 4 workshops on 10th and 11th of July at Joondalup Library this coming holiday. Each day we have two sessions for two different age groups.

Morning sessions are for Grade 1 to grade 3 students and we are going to use our Bricks Challenge models (info on the sidebar).

Afternoon sessions are for Grade 4 to 6 and we will be using exciting models of Robo Bricks Package (more info on sidebar).