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Currambine Primary School

Enrollment now open!

Suitable for: 4th-6th grade or graduates of
one of the Young Engineers mechanical engineering programs
Lesson duration: 90 minutes


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Dear Young Engineers’ Parents,

We are pleased to announce start of our Galileo Technic After School Club from Term 3 at Currambine Primary School.

The program will start on Monday 23-July and will run for 7 weeks every Monday from 14:45 to 16:15. The cost of the club is $160 per student.

e² Young Engineers’ Galileo Technic advanced enrichment program experience prepares our young engineers for their future. Students will learn how to problem solve like an engineer, using their new skills math and physics skills.

They learn how to solve any given problem from an engineering perspective. Students work in groups enhancing their team building skills, as they are required to construct complex models.
Galileo Technic provides an advanced level of thematic study, by implementing mechanical engineering principles through building LEGO® bricks models. students build an efficient machine (model) as they have analyzed all aspects of how the machine operates e.g. the gear ratios. Students will graduate the Galileo Technic program with new skills in Science, Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Math (STEM).

For more information please refer to the program page and video provided.

Enrolment has started and you can use link below to enroll your young engineers.