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About Young Engineers Perth – Greater Metro

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us. We are a team of a husband and wife STEM-educated, who are very enthusiastic about spreading the joy of understanding the STEM subjects in children and turning learning into fun.

I, Dhviti (DVT), am a mother of two daughters aged 4 and 6 years old. I am in the education field since 2014, and very passionate about teaching children by planning and implementing learning through play philosophy. I came across young engineers and felt very confident about the STEM education align with learning through play philosophy.


We as a team of husband and wife, are the proud owners of the Young Engineers – Greater Metro Perth. And here is a short description of ourselves:

Dhviti (DVT): I am currently a Trainer and Assessor in the education field and working as a center director at OSHC. My experience of planning and implementing learning sessions will allow children to expand their knowledge in the STEM stream. I believe children learn more effectively when learning implemented through play.

Maitreya (Soni): Bachelor’s degree and Diploma Specialised in Mechanical engineering will provide children with great experience and guidance in STEM education. Maitreya is passionate about teaching children STEM education, he believes creativity increases children’s confidence.

A core team with the right background, now providing their knowledge and experience through a program incorporation with Lego emphasising on STEM approach.

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